About Us

Who we are?

The Nepali Scientific Association in Switzerland (NepSAS) is a voluntary organization founded by young Nepali graduates and professionals studying and working in Switzerland. We come from diverse academic disciplines, having earned our graduate, doctorate or post-doctorate degrees from various Swiss Universities like ETH Zurich, University of Zurich and University of St. Gallen to name a few. Many of our board members are either pursuing a career in academic research in Swiss Universities or professional careers at corporate and non-government sectors in Switzerland.

NepSAS is registered as a voluntary association under the Swiss law – Article 60ff. ZGB in Zurich, Switzerland.

What do we do?

Having lived in Switzerland and experienced its high standards of education, we have come to realize that a country’s development is driven by its qualified and high skilled human capital. They are the ones who propel the country’s economy with their innovations, entrepreneurship and work ethics. Nepalese students and youth have an enormous potential in this regard. At NepSAS, we aim to facilitate in grooming such young human resources through capacity building and technology transfer via mentorships and coaching programs. We would like inculcate them with critical and creative thinking processes so that they can find a path for their own innovations with entrepreneurship spirit. Through our network of members and partners, we would provide impetus to these small startups and help them turn into big scale businesses.

Since 2016, NepSAS has been organizing seminars and workshops as a part of this process to bridge this knowledge gap between the two countries and foster technological development in Nepal.