3rd Annual Himalayan Consensus Summit, 23-25 March, 2018

The Himalayan Consensus Summit (HCS) is an annual gathering of environmentalists, community innovators, business, finance and government leading thinkers, seeking practical solutions to address challenges of anthropomorphic climate change and community empowerment. The idea is to facilitate open discourse on alternative development paradigms that are sustainable in the long term.  The 2018 Summit will be focused on infrastructure, connectivity, renewable energy financing, and the adoption of sustained community development as a prevention of conflict, emphasizing pathways where business development can be a means toward creating greater shared prosperity and peace in the region. Please note that HCS is NOT a NepSAS event. This event is organised by the Himalayan Consensus Institute and the Nepal Economic Forum, which NepSAS will  participate. For more information, please visit: http://himalayanconsensussummit.com/

Event Details