1st Swiss Nepal Technology Transfer Workshop 2017, Kathmandu

The Nepali Scientific Association in Switzerland (NepSAS) organized the first Swiss-Nepal Technology Transfer Workshop in January 2017 in association with the Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal and GATE College, Kathmandu. The three-day mentoring workshop was held at GATE College on the 9th, 10th and 12th of January 2017.

In the program, 47 participants were selected from the pool of more than 250 applicants. Among the participants, 53% were females and 43% represented indigenous communities. Sixteen mentors, each having expertise in their respective fields, supervised the participants locally or via online. The participants were sorted into 8 groups matching their interests with the expertise of mentors.
Each group worked together for two days to develop a business or research project addressing local challenges and opportunities with transdisciplinary approaches.

The projects conceptualized during this event covered a diverse range of topics including harnessing the medicinal properties of biodiversity in Nepal, cancer immunotherapy, pollution measurement in Kathmandu, use of drones
for medical supply in remote areas in Dolakha and development of a gaming application for promoting local tourism. In the end, all group presented their projects in front of a jury, which evaluated each project based on originality, viability and impact of the idea and the group’s presentation skills.

The project on development of CanSat (a satellite of a size of a can) for measurement of pollution in Kathmandu was declared as the winner in the program. Similarly, the team, which developed the concept of developing drones to supply lifesaving medicines in geographically inaccessible places in Dolakha was declared as the first runner-up. NepSAS has been mentoring both of these projects for almost a year now. We have achieved a significant success towards the realization of these projects.